Breast Pain, Lymph Congestion
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Darlene
Posted on: April 09, 2010

I have my mamogram every year. I go to the doctor and I do the self breast examination, but I still have pain in my breast. There are no lumps or bumps in my breast. I am wondering what could I take to ease the pain. Also I have pain in my left arm all the time, at one time I thought it was a heart attack symptom so I went to the cardiologist and he did a stress test and a ekg in his office, he said the ekg wasn’t too good but it wasn’t anything to worry about, the stress test was normal, no leakage no blockage in or around my heart. He said the arm pain must be coming from something else. What kind of herb can I take for the arm pain from shoulder to fingertip. I love taking herbs. please give me your input on these 2 questions.

It sounds like your lymphatic system is experiencing a little congestion and is responsible for both the breast pain and the under arm pain because both of these areas have a lot of lymph tissue. Herbs such as cleavers, red clover, nettles and burdock are excellent lymph clearing herbs and can be made into a tea and drank three times per day.

Herbs to help support the liver function and its role in lymph congestion due to hormonal imbalances, are bitter herbs such a dandelion leaf and root, burdock root and yellow dock. These can be made into a decoction and drank 3 times per day.

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