Pneumonia in Child, Probiotics
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Ann
Posted on: June 04, 2010

My grandson has developed pneumonia. The doctor gave him a liquid (I believe antibiotics) I am looking for other answers. I have found Bio-Vent on the web that sounds promising. What would be safe for him to take and become well?

This question has been answered part, please see:

To add to that, pneumonia is potentially a serious condition especially in young children and elderly people. The antibiotics that your grandson is taking will likely clear it up very quickly requiring no other treatment for the pneumonia itself. However, after taking antibiotics it is important to always do damage control after as the antibiotics kill off all bacteria both good and bad. Therefore probiotic will be necessary. Probiotics are beneficial for many health problems. By providing a good balance of gut bacteria, they aid digestion and absorption of food, herbs and dietary supplements. Sources of probiotics are fermented foods such a kefir, yogurt, and soured vegetables, as well as a supplement purchased in health food stores.

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