Bay Leaf Laurel, Pesto Pertetuo Basil and Lemon grass
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Sylvia Siew
Posted on: July 09, 2010

I had a bay laurel. Last fall I brought it in the house to over winter it and it died right away. I just bought another plant from Richters. Please give me some advice on how to over-winter it and should I transplant it to a bigger pot. Right now it is in the small pot it had been shipped in.

Plant the plant into a large pot, say a 20cm (8") with good potting soil, such as Pro-Mix and sink the plant pot and all into the soil. Make sure the soil does not dry out nor is soggy wet. In the fall dig up the plant pot and all and move it to your brightest window and make sure to keep the soil moist. Keeping the plant cool during the winter will benefit the plant.

I also bought Pesto Pertetuo basil and lemon grass. Please give me some advice on how to over winter both herbs. What should I do with it right now. I just got my shipment.

The basil is an annual and is not worth to try to over-winter indoors. Harvest the whole plant just before the first light frost and plan for a new plant next year. Plant it in a sunny well-drained spot as soon as the temperature is above ten degrees Celsius (50F) during the night. The lemon grass should be planted in a big pot as well and planted outside, pot and all, since it does not like root disturbance. Treat like the bay over-winter it, but keep it warmer.

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