Cream Of Tartar, High Blood Pressure, Hypertension
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Bambi
Posted on: January 07, 2011

I was having a very bad high blood pressure spike, and my landlady told me to take 1 tsp. of cream of tartar mixed with water. It dropped my blood pressure from 225/120 down to 115/76. How did this happen? Can I take it every day? It worked great!! Why did it work? Are there any negative effects from using Cream of Tartar? I am so excited about this discovery because no blood pressure medication can bring my blood pressure down when it is that high.

Cream of tartar is also called potassium hydrogen tartrate, so it is very high in potassium. When one is low in potassium, sodium then accumulates in the tissues and water is retained and blood pressure increases. So if cream of tartar works to bring down your blood pressure, it is because you are deficient in potassium. So you need to reduce your sodium intake and increase your potassium intake. Although cream of tartar is used in food, it is best to get your potassium from food sources. Foods that are high in potassium are bananas, tomatoes, green vegetables.

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