Conception and Fertility Issues
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Adrienne
Posted on: September 28, 2012

Would you have a herb that is made for conception ?

So fertility is often a complex situation. It can be a physical problem or an emotional problem or often a combination of both. Physical problems are essential fatty acid deficiencies because these are the basic building blocks for the reproductive hormones, pelvic congestion which reduces a healthy blood flow to the uterus, poor blood regulation which leads to hormonal imbalances and ovarian cysts, stress, food sensitivities which cause inflammatory conditions in the reproductive and other system, and infections to name a few. Emotional considerations are complex but maybe around ones own issues with their parents and childhood wounds, being busy and not having the "space" for a baby, partner pressures, etc.

However, if I had only one herb to work with, my favorite would be mugwort. Mugwort is a pelvic stimulant so helpful with pelvic congestion an increasing blood flow to uterus, it is slightly bitter so helps with digestion and assimilation of nutrition, liver clearing and therefore balancing hormones, and it is referred to as being owned by the moon so it has the moon/uterus connection which helps us to reconnect with our own inner femininity and emotional issues around our femininity, our uterus and mothering issues.

So much can be done naturally to work with infertility but it is a highly individualized process, so it is best worked with one on one so with a herbalist in your area.

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