Stimulating the Female Libido
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: (name withheld)
Posted on: December 05, 2012

Hi there, I just found this details on your site about this herbal viagra. After reading the whole details I just want to know is it safe for women to take the dosage of this drug? because a woman is having a prescribed dosage of an antidepressant which is used for depression and stress and anxiety. So will it be safe for that woman? And is it safe from any type of side effects?

Herbal libido enhancers tend to focus more on the male aspect and the poor blood flow to the penis that is needed for an erection. So a male libido enhancer is not recommended for a woman’s lack of libido. For woman who have a low sex drive the treatment focus would tend to be more focused on adrenal and endocrine balancing issues and well as looking at psychological factors. And in the case of depression, stress and anxiety, both psychological factors and endocrine support would be essential along with a patient and supportive partner.

For more information on help with balancing and supporting the endocrine system, please go to the following link and type in "hormone" to the search engine.

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