MRSA Herbal Antibiotics
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Clark
Posted on: January 11, 2013

I found today that Coriander can destroy MRSA. Is that true?? I have MRSA. And I also have Sudomonous with my MRSA. I have Sugar wounds on my left foot that are very painful. I was told a Silver Sol was able to destroy MRSA. I tried it a month and my foot wounds actually grew. What can be trusted any longer in this nation? The doctor here continues to write me more anti-biopics. None have any apparent cure. Can you tell me anything about Coriander?

Coriander contains volatile oils that have been shown to be effective against various bacteria and microbes, including MRSA. There are many, many plants that contain constituents that are effective against various bacteria. Herbal medicine is highly effective in cases such as yours and in my practice I see this situation all the time. Internal herbal "antibiotics" as well as external ones are very helpful.

A holistic approach often uses a variety of recommendations all at the same time, thus is much more complex in its dealings. Treatment goals are to support and strengthen the immune system, remove or inhibit pathogens, and stimulate eliminatory and circulatory systems and not go in and overpower the body. And this is not to say that antibacterial herbs do not have a role to play with infectious diseases, rather they are used as part of a supportive treatment protocol. Furthermore, recovery from infectious conditions is often slow and requires persistence.

Some herbs contain dozens of mildly antibiotic compounds, having been attacked by bacteria for millions of years. Synergistic suites of compounds have evolved naturally in plants. It is easy for a rapidly reproducing bug or bacterial species to out-evolve a single compound by breaking it down and using its own metabolism, but it is not as easy for it to out-evolve the complex compounds found in herbs. Scientists are recognizing this fact and developing more complex compounds - i.e. - AIDS cocktail and multiple chemotherapies for cancer.

My favorite topical herbal antibiotics are (garlic) Allium sativum, (barberry root) Berberis vulgaris, Calendula off. (calendula), Echinacea spp., Eucalyptus spp,. Hydrastis canadensis (goldenseal) , Thymus vulgaris (thyme), Usnea spp. These can be used to make a paste in a honey base and applied and left on for 24hrs and changed daily. Internal herbal antibiotics are again garlic, thyme, usnea, echinacea, calendula as well as wild indigo. Tinctures of a combination of these herbs can be taken internally.

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