Susan Eagles

Medical Herbalist

Susan Eagles has completed a four year diploma program with the School of Phytotherapy (Herbal Medicine) in England. This course includes an understanding of anatomy, physiology, dermatology, gynecology, the effects of disease and plant medicines on the body’s systems and 500 hours of practice in herbal medicine clinics with internationally respected medicinal herbalists. Previous education includes a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education.

Susan’s interest in herbal medicine began in youth with a love of nature, eating foods in the wild and growing herbs for medicinal and culinary use. She is particularly interested in using local "weeds" for medicine, respecting both the plant wisdom for choosing its required surroundings and the Native American ability to heal using the plants around them. She is committed to increasing awareness of the impact of environmental factors on health. She is co-author with Pat Crocker of The Juicing Bible, on juicing vegetables, fruits and herbs for better health.

Susan practices holistic medicine by assessing the patient’s family history, lifestyle, emotional and physical conditions and believes that a patient’s return to health begins with an understanding of what is happening to their body and why.

Susan practiced Herbal Medicine in the Lindsay-Bobcaygeon area in Ontario for five years. Susan is currently traveling to expand her knowledge of herbs and other forms of natural healing.

Sorry, Susan is no longer available to answer questions. But her past questions are still available for review.

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