Koidu Sulev

Herb Lecturer, BPharm

Koidu grew up in Sweden, where her interest in herbs started as a young child while spending her summers at a Swedish farm with two elderly aunts who were very knowledgeable of herbs and their uses. Her pharmaceutical training in Sweden at the Royal Pharmaceutical Institute in Stockholm required knowledge of herbs for the medical preparations using herbal products.

Koidu is presently working for Richters Herbs as a presenter of seminars and lectures both at Richters, as well as visiting groups and organizations in the Greater Toronto area. Her vast knowledge has inspired and motivated others to start growing and using herbs. She has been featured in newspapers, the radio and gardening programs on TV. Koidu tends her large garden north of Uxbridge growing many common, and not so common, herbs and plants.

Koidu welcomes your questions on herbs, herb gardening, and the non-medical uses of herbs in the home.

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