Classic Roses Hardiness
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Datum X Microsystem

I want to order some roses but have a few questions. I have chosen these ones because I want to use them for potpourri and for the rosehips: Alba Semiplena, Apothecary’s, and Dog Rose. Are these hardy for the prairies, I live in Southern Alberta.

Alba Semiplena and Apothecary’s rose are hardy in zones four to eight. The dog rose is hardy in zones five to eight. Only the most southern portion of Alberta is zone four the rest is zone three and a few northern bits are zone two. This means that you can probably grow the two hybrid roses in a sheltered spot with winter protection, but I doubt that you would be successful with the dog rose.

How tall and wide do they get.

Alba Semiplena gets 1.8 meters(six feet) tall by 1.5 meters(five feet)wide Apothecary rose gets 1.2 meters( four feet) tall and wide, and the dog rose gets three meters(ten feet) tall and wide.

Would these three together make a nice grouping?

With the dog rose in the background it would look very nice. Because of the hardiness problem you might wish to use a taller but hardier rose such as Coupe d’Hebe.

Most roses need full sun to do well, but the alba types can take a bit of shade.

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