Santolina Plugs or Potted Plants?
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Jim Underwood
Posted on: April 18, 1998

I have a formal garden that I want to put a border around each section of the garden. I want to use Green Santolina. I have seen this in another garden and I like it very much, I think it looks better than hedge (Boxwood).

I have your catalogue and I have seen your Santolina here at your web-site. I think I need about 120 plants. My question is: How large are the plants? and also would I be better off to purchase the plug trays or the larger plants, how long would it take the plugs to make a hedge about 8 to 12 inches tall and fill in to make a solid border. I would like to have a good solid border as soon a possible, but I really don’t know how fast Santolina will grow?? I think the green Santolina will look best. Can you please advise me on this?

Plugs will be small. The root ball is about one inch across and two inches long. The plants stand about two inches high, with 2-3 branches. They will take at least a year, but more like two, to fill in solidly.

The potted plants are in 2-1/2 inch square pots, and they stand about 2-4 inches high, and are bushier. They will not take as long to fill in, perhaps one season, so that by the middle of next year they should be filled in solidly. Of course, much depends on the local conditions (soil, watering, etc.

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