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Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Helen Moffat
Posted on: April 24, 1998

I am seeking a good software programme of herb cultivation, harvesting, preservation.the making and recipes of herbal remedies, ointments, creams, syrups, tinctures, etc. Would the Herbal Prescriber advertised in your catalogue cover all this, or could you suggest an alternative as I cannot locate such a programme out here?

Christopher Hobb’s "Herbal Prescriber" program is designed to answer questions about what herbs do and what herbs can be used to treat ailments. It does not deal with cultivation, harvesting, and preservation. It does have some information on making remedies, but it is not intended to be comprehensive in this area.

The program’s strength is in the wide variety of herbs covered, and the ease in which one can locate appropriate formulas for any given ailment.

We have not seen any software package that gives all the information you are looking for. The real strength of computers is the ability to process large amounts of data quickly, and this is what the Herbal Prescriber does when one asks, for instance, the computer to search through thousands of herbs to find ones suited for treating a particular health problem. Books, in our opinion, are better suited for describing how to make standard herbal rememdies because you can have the book handy when you are making them.

For information on making tinctures, syrups, etc., we recommend the book "The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants" (available from Richters).

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