Customer Service Policies
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Wanda Rose
Posted on: August 5, 1998

I just received my catalogue in the mail. I was very impressed with the variety that you offer, and was considering placing an order, but the catalogue shows nothing about your customer service or policies. I would greatly appreciate if you could e-mail me with any of the above.

We have answered some similar questions and posted the answers on our website in this "Q&A" section. Check the "Past Questions" area as well, and check the "Feedback" section for feedback from customers who have done busienss with Richters.

We do not offer a blanket guarantee with our products. The reason is that some of the herbs we sell are difficult to grow and inexperienced gardeners may not have success the first time trying. Of course, many herbs are very easy to grow, and we have been very liberal in offering partial or full replacements. We want our customers to be successful in the end!

As well I am new at this gardening thing and was wondering if you provide you customers with planting instuctions and\or advice as to when and where to plant, as well as how to care for the plant?

Every order is accompanied by a brochure on the care of herbs, as well as a special information sheet on the care of plants on arrival after shipping. In addition, some addition information is on every plant label.

Of course, one would always like more information about the herbs one is buying. An excellent book that covers all aspects of growing and using herbs is Deni Bown’s "Encyclopedia of Herbs & Their Uses" (available from Richters).

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