Leek from Vietnam
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Robert Villeneuve
Posted on: December 20, 1999

I need information about a leek from Vietnam. I ate this leek but I don’t know how to plant this leek in my garden. I don’t know about this seed, so give me more information about this. I shopped in your greenhouse before, so please give me more informations about this leek i appreciate that. I have a garden and I love it when my customers are happy to purchase something.

We are not familiar with the particular leek you write about. There are several species of leeks that are grown in the Orient. The most common is the "chinese chives" or what we call in our catalogue "garlic chives". In catalogues from the Orient this member of the Allium genus, Allium tuberosum, is often translated as "oriental leek" or "chinese leek". This plant has been introduced and sold in North America and Europe as a stronger, more garlicky form of chives. But in the orient, instead of using the fresh leaves as we do with the regular chives, Allium schoenoprasum, the stems and flowers are used – hence the usual translation to "leek".

So, it is entirely possible that the leek you tried is a form of garlic chives. However, we cannot be sure without examining the plant.

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