Where to Find Julia’s Sweet Citrus Mint
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Mindy Chakov
Posted on: March 4, 2001

I am having difficulty finding "Julia’s Sweet Citrus mint". I found your recipe Julia’s Sweet Citrus Mint Bars on your website. I couldn’t find the citrus mint. I tried the recipe, but I substituted it with a peppermint patty and mashed it up. The recipe says to mince the mint. I have no idea what form it is in so I thought the peppermint patty was the closest thing in a mint form that I could think of that I could mince. If you said to "smash", I would have thought to substitute it with a piece of hard candy.

Please tell me how I may obtain this product. I tried my neighborhood supermarket, then I went to various health food stores, including Whole Foods. I am now more curious than ever. The mint bars were good, but I’d love to compare the real ingredient.

Please help!

Glad you liked the recipe! That recipe was provided by Jim Westerfield who is the breeder of ‘Julia’s Sweet Citrus’ mint and others.

This mint variety is sold exclusively in Canada by Richters under license from the breeder. You can order plants to grow your own supply of fresh leaves from our website (http://www.richters.com). We ship plants worldwide. The plant is very hardy and an easy grower in any sunny or partially sunny location.

The recipe calls for freshly-minced leaves: leaves are chopped finely with a sharp knife so that the pieces are less than one-eighth of an inch across, preferrably smaller.

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