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Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Cathy Forsberg
Posted on: February 18, 2002

I have a question regarding certified seed packets or Sow Natural seed packets.

Do they have the same amount of seeds in each packet, and is the Sow Natural seed stronger than the certified seed? I did read the info on the SowNatural seeds on your web site.

Our regular packets generally will have more seed per packet than the SowNatural seeds (but not always). The reason for the lower seed counts is the higher cost of organic or wildcrafted seeds compared to the cost of regular, conventionally-produced varieties.

I am not sure what you mean by "stronger" seed. Many gardeners, of course, believe that organic seeds will perform better than conventional seeds, and in a general way there is truth to that. But whether SowNatural or regular seeds are the better germinators or are better able to produce healthy plants depends very much on the batch of seeds. A batch of organic seeds could have a lower germination rate than a batch or regular seeds, or viceversa, depending on the growing, harvesting, and storage of each batch.

The main reason for choosing our SowNatural seeds is to avoid the chemicals that are typically used to produce regular seeds.

As for certification, our SowNatural line of seeds includes certified organic varieties. The certification is the proof that the seeds were grown according to organic principles. Certification does not directly indicate anything about the quality of a particular batch of seeds.

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