Shipping to South Africa
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Leigh Shenker
Posted on: November 16, 2004

I am currently in South Africa, and would like to order seed and plants from you, I would just like to inquire as to any problems you have experienced delivering to this country, I have viewed the necessary documents needed by the agricultural authorities here, and it would seem that it depends on the grower, so if you could supply me with the necessary information, I would appreciate it.

We have shipped to many countries successfully. The key issue is what are the restrictions and conditions imposed by the importing country. Each country has different restrictions and conditions and they differ depending on the plant material, and they change often without notice. It is impossible for us to keep abreast of all the rules for each country, so we request that customers interested in importing plants and seeds from us to apply for an import permit and then send that to us. It is only when we have the actual permit that we can really be sure what the restrictions and requirements are. Although we have shipped to South Africa before, we cannot be certain that what restrictions were in place previously are the same ones that would apply now.

In general, live plants require a phytosanitary certificate which we can supply. Most countries also require live plants to be completely free of soil. For seeds, many countries require a phytosanitary certificate, but not always. Richters charges fees for phytosanitary certificates and for removing soil.

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