Wild Strawberry: What Subspecies Does Richters Sell?
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Brian Park
Posted on: May 14, 2005

What variety (sub-species?) is the "Wild Strawberry" S6075 that I ordered? There are a lot of plants that could be considered a "Wild Strawberry". I.e., mignonette, frais du bois, etc. I am looking for seeds from plants like those that grow wild in France. Thank you in advance for whatever info you can provide. I am going to try to grow it indoors in a well lit location so I am not too concerned about it being late in the planting season.

The wild strawberry we offer is not identified below the species level. We agree that there are local forms in the wild but our main goal is to provide what is typically used in herbal medicine. In herbal medicine wild strawberries are rarely if ever specified down to the subspecies level. It is entirely possible that one subspecies or variety is better medicinally than another but we have no information to suggest that and so haven’t been concerned about which subspecies we have. Because the supply of seed is limited, we offer whatever seed we can get and it may come from Europe or North America depending on supplies.

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