Oregano, Zorbo Red -- Online Picture & Description Contradictory?
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Carolyn Ray
Posted on: March 23, 2007

Your online picture of Zorba Red appears to have red bloom. The text description of Zorba Red and Zorba White both say what bloom. I understand the foliage of Zorba Red has reddish look.

So please, what is the bloom color or Zorba Red?

[Quoted from Richters web catalog:]

Zorba Red Oregano

An entirely different oregano! Has enormous ornamental possibilities for gardens, hanging baskets, and container gardens. Spectacular red-purple sprays dotted with pure white flowers .....

Zorba White Oregano

Like ‘Zorba Red’ this oregano has possibilities for ornamental use. It is the same in every way except for the light green inflorescences dotted with white flowers

In fact both varieties have white flowers as described in the catalogue, but those flowers are tiny and are set off by either green calices and buds in the case of Zorba White or red calices and buds in the case of Zorba Red. Against the green, the Zorba White flowering tops give the overall impression of white, while Zorba Red gives the overall impression of red. Attached is a close up of the Zorba Red flowering top showing the white flowers set off by the dark red colour of the surrounding calices and buds.

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