Lavender from Cuttings
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: George
Posted on: January 13, 2011

A good friend and I are embarking on a lavender "adventure" and we are interested in buying rooted lavender from cuttings, not seeds...I noticed plug trays of 120 of each of Hidcote, Munstead, and Twickle Purple listed for sale on the Richters website...are these propagated from seed or are they rooted cuttings?

Hidcote and Mustead lavender are propagated by seeds ad therefore vary a bit from plant to plant. The Twickle lavender is propagated by cuttings and therefore do not vary. Diseases have a harder time spreading through a seed propagated planting and are therefore recommended for large commercial plantings.

Also, when are they available, and will they require a transplant into a ...say 3" diameter plastic containers, a 2 month stay in a cold frame or green house and then into the ground after last frost?( late May) Or are we perhaps premature and need to consider purchase in, say late April? We are near Rochester, NY, and so are interested in the heartier varieties of English Lavender, though I know a friend whose Grosso has thus far been able to withstand the winters without too much problem.

If you order the plant trays early enough and have them shipped as close as possible after your last frost date, you should be able to plant directly from the tray to the field. You might be wishing to mulch the plants right after planting to keep moisture more even until the plants are properly established. During the first winter a fairly light airy mulch will keep soil temperature fluctuations from being too rapid, but without keeping the soil too wet and thus rotting the plants.

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