Surami Dry Pea

In the market in Zestafoni, a village in the central Asian republic of Georgia, a stout red-faced woman was standing offering all kinds of "garden" delights, including these peas old fashioned soup peas. Dry soup peas were once common throughout Europe and in America during the colonial period. Peas are of prime food value and make for hearty soups and good eating during the long winter months. Order it now!

Tashkent Bean

Collected in the market of Tbilisi, Georgia. An Azerbaijani woman who sold us this beautiful bean said that she got it from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The bean has a ying-yang like pattern of white and rose and magenta. The growth habit is unknown, but if the young plants start vining after a few weeks, simple staking will ensure success. Order it now!

Avakli Bean

A traditional favourite of the Ewe people of the Volta region of West Africa. Harvest time is eagerly anticipated when the beans, along with maize and groundnuts, are cooked in seasonal dishes such as ayibli and ayikple. The mottled beans are commonly cooked whole or they are first roasted and ground and then cooked to make nutritious stews and breakfast porridge. Drought resistant and sweeter tasting than other beans. Traditionally planted in May or June and harvested in August. Order it now!

Torkuviahe Bean

An old variety grown by the Ewe people of West Africa. As far as we know only a few farmers in the Lake Volta region are still growing it. Beautiful small red beans are borne in long straight pale-yellow pods. Traditionally cooked in stews or simply cooked with rice and served with any spicy fish, meat or vegetable sauce on top. Can also be eaten like string beans when young and tender.Order it now!

Purple Rain Bush Bean

The late Robert Lobitz, a bean collector and breeder extraordinaire, developed and named this variety in honour of fellow Minnesotan, Prince, whose song "Purple Rain," and album and movie of the same title, solidified his status as a pop music icon. The original material for this bean came from a sample of beans that Lobitz received from a seed bank in Germany and from that he selected this unique variety. It is a productive bush variety that matures early, and as Robert was always quick to insist, it is beautiful too! So much did Robert admire the beauty of beans that he used to say "Beans are a poor man’s jewels." Order it now!

Rose Creek Beauty Snap Bean

Variety developed by the late bean collector Robert Lobitz. Always a champion of the little guy, and of local communities of his native Minnesota, he liked to name his varieties after nearby localities. It is a early maturing bush bean and is very productive. A favourite snap bean for soups and bean salads. Order it now!

Green Beauty Snow Pea

An amazing snow pea with giant pods, still tender up to 6 inches long! The vines are vigorous, reaching heights up to 8 feet. The pods are used in stir fries, salads and just as a plain delicious snack! Order it now!

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