Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Marsha
Posted on: July 22, 1998

What could you suggest as an herb for this kind of problem? I am doing all that I can to avoid the removal of the uterus.

Herbal treatment for fibroids includes looking at the underlying causes that produced the fibroids. Herbs that can be used to shrink fibroids and improve uterus health by improving circulation and balancing hormones are:

An astringent to shrink the fibroids:

Partridgeberry (Mitchella repens) - 2 parts

Thuja: known to shrink growths in the uterus - 1 part

A blood and circulation tonic to nourish the uterus with fresh circulating blood: Nettles - 2 parts

A liver tonic to support liver function in processing hormones: Vervain also supports the nerves - 2 parts

Balance hormone production: Vitex agnus-castus - 3 parts

Antispasmodic to ease cramping: Viburnum prunifolium 2 parts

These herbs can be mixed in tincture form, and taken 5 ml of the mixed formula, three times a day, for a period of three months. If at any time you opt for surgery, the herbal remedy will still improve the state of the uterus and help prevent future grow ths.

A diet that is high in Soy products such as tofu will help to decrease the estorgen that encourages fibroid growth.

If additional support is required for heavy bleeding, additional fresh Shepherd’s Purse (astringent) tincture or extract may be taken.

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