Weight Loss Supplements and Diet
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Mary
Posted on: August 12, 2000

I am taking herbs called "Ultimate Fat Metabolizer and Diuretic Factors" since I would like to lose about 15 to 20 pounds. Do I need to eat the right food and plenty of water? I do not know too much about it. I follow instructions. Just wondering is it dangerous? I need to know more about it asap.

I can’t comment on specific products, but if you want the weight loss to be permanent, it is necessary to develop good eating and exercise habits, whether or not you are taking supplements.

You should be eating 3 meals a day that include lots of fruit and vegetables. Foods to be avoided because they cause health problems and an increase in weight and are: sugars, sweeteners, fatty, fried or processed foods, food additives, colourings and preservatives, white flour products and dairy products. Foods to be increased are fresh raw fruits and vegetables, soy products, whole grains, water, juices. Herbal teas and Dandelion coffee can replace caffeine drinks (tea, coffee, cola, cocoa), provide nutrients and some of your daily liquid requirements.

Fruit should be eaten before a meal or between meals to ensure good digestion. You should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day to flush out wastes.

Drinking eight glasses of water helps to reduce appetite and to eliminate toxins.

Siegfried Gursche, in "Encyclopedia of Natural Healing" (Alive Publishers, Canada, (800) 663-6580 or Natural Life Publishing Inc., U.S. (800) 663-6513), recommends the following: Essential fatty acids available in nuts, seeds and fatty fish like salmon or mackerel can help the body burn excess fat; enzymes from fresh raw fruit and green leafy vegetables speed up the metabolism and boost the immune system; fiber-rich foods such as fruit, especially apples, suppress the appetite by swelling to form bulk in the stomach and bind with bile to prevent fat reabsorption.

Dietary recommendations can be found in Dr. Dean Ornish’s "Eat More, Weigh Less", (Harper Collins Publishers) which describes the basic philosophy behind a fat free diet and includes hundreds of delicious recipes.

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