Prolapsed Uterus
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Patrick
Posted on: March 05, 2010

A dear friend is working with a women with a prolapsed uterus. She is asking for deer spleen. Is she confused with deer antler or is there a deer spleen herb out there? Please let me know.

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses a variety of medicinal items which include plants, minerals as well as animal materials. "Deer Spleen" is just that, the spleen, which is an organ, of a deer. Yes, deer antler is also used.

Herbs used for a prolapsed uterus include red raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, lady’s mantle and shepherd’s purse. These herbs can be drank in combination as a tea and for best results as well as used as a sitz bath or internally as a douche as well as.

Kegel exercise are also helpful.

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