DIY Bitters
Reviving the Forgotten Flavor: A Guide to Making Your Own Bitters
Guido Mase and Jovial King
Bitters are back! ApƩritifs and digestifs made with bitter herbs are just what we need in this world of way too much rich food and way too much sugar. Our overworked digestive systems need help and bitters before or after a meal are just the help we need. Bitters jump-start the digestive system so the stomach does not feel bloated or unsettled after a heavy meal. The authors, owners of the American herbal bitters Urban Moonshine, have created the definitive guide to making your own herbal bitters from over 90 different herbs. Lots of recipes including Bloody Mary Bitters, Cacao Bitters, Dreaming Bitters, Green Tea Bitters, Immune Bitters and more.
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